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Radio master battery

Battery works well. Fair price and quick delivery

Radiomaster tx16s

Great transmitter, carbon look is great. Has taken a while to work it out so as to fully program a plane especially with the addition of flaps etc, but lots of informative You Tube videos on this radio really help. Love my spectrum radios but really loving this one too. Highly recommend for its multi protocol, quality and price.

Chnl batteries

The most reliable batteries you could hope for strongly recommended

Chnl batteries

In my opinion these are by far the most effective batteries for long time flights

Gem fan pop up gate

Excellent fast service and shipping and great product, have recommended to others

Fatshark Scout FPV Goggles
Adam Reeves-Davies
Fatshark Scout FPV

Shipping was very prompt and the product works awesome.


I'm still waiting on my frame to arrive but, my FC was having sbus issues (must have burnt out the pad) so this little sucker was perfect to get around the problem, running ibus bus worked first try before I had a chance to mess with settings

Receiver review

Awesome product that worked flawlessly. Thanks so much

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Good little toothpick

Flying this toothpick is very enjoyable but the VTX has issues in terms of video quality (on mine and another person’s).

I would highly recommend replacing the power connector with an XT30 as it adds an additional minute of flight time and allows you to use normal 2S packs.

Some of the default betaflight settings may have changed (like taking the minimum throttle from 8% to 5%)

So far i am very impressed with this cute little quad!

Great value!

One of the cheapest 20x20 FCs that is actually good. They last a long time and never fail!

Great build easy to assemble

I thoroughly enjoyed give me that sense of accomplishment. Apart from not being able to solder lol. I'd go through you again for sure as I know the help is there if I need it. The fact that I can collect just about any time is convenient. Customer service 10/10. Quality 10/10. I'm addicted to it now iv forgotten all about my gps quads

Best Value For Money Quad

When I first opened the box and took everything out, I saw how much time and effort that was put into the quad. The quality of each single soldier joint was amazing.

Flying wise, it flew amazing out of the box, the drone flew extremely smooth, smoother than some $600+ drones.

I'll highly recommend that anyone (Beginners to Professionals) to get one for their selves.
You will not regret it at all.

It actually does acro well

I love this drone along side my hummingbird to do acro indoors and out, it has the power needed to recover and maintain altitude, like the humming bird, it's super accurate and if that's not enough it's betaflight tunable and you can flash mocking bird to it in 10minutes and have an even tighter experience but honestly it's acro flys so well out the box, it's as good as the pilot thats for sure

Exactly what it needed

They certainly do have the extra pop they describe, I've tried a few, Turnigy, happymodel, dualsky, emax, Genong and I wish I had these from the start, and they look awesome too

Packing a punch :) Thank you for your feedback Cody

Very durable

I can't break it and I've smashed it full speed into everything you can imagine, so they've hit the nail on the head with this design , perfect

Absolute beast

This flight controller paired with some gold motors or for more speed the unicorn's, on the cockroach frame is a must have at this price, it's extremely precise has no propwash at all on really fast turns and it's quiet fast, I fly this outside over bigger areas aswell cause it's so fun and quiet often find myself choosing to fly this over my bigger drones, cheers

Thank you for you informative review Cody, you've really summed up this wonderful whoop well!


Really happy with these props and the colours are awesome!

Fettec 45amp

After hearing about this and it’s little brother 35 amp esc I purchased both and built 2 apex’s and I could not be happier with the performance

Fettec spike absorber

I purchased 2 of these when I seen them in stock as they are hard to find and custom quads seems to have the goods when I need it the most

Apex frame kit

I purchased one of these coming back into the hobby and I’m glad I did I now own 3 of them

Fettec fc

Great fc and having kiss on a 20x20 board matched with the fettec 35 amp esc makes the perfect combo

Frsky XJT lite Module

I recently did the infamous Frsky firmware upgrade to my X9 Lite which, unfortunately stopped all my Tiny Whoops from working (SPI:D16/ACCESS). I had investigated whether it was worth getting a multiprotocol module or just get the XJT module. I ordered the XJT module on Saturday 26th Sept, paid for express shipping and received it Tuesday 29th Sept. FANTASTIC! Plugged it in and nothing. So I spent sometime online to try and figure it out (no real luck) when I decided to read the instruction manual. I had originally set it to XJT when it should have been set to XJT LITE. I now have all my whoops working again. Who knew reading a manual would be so helpful!
many thanks

TBS Unify Pro 5G8 V3 (SMA)
CqldFyre - Tristan Scheffers
Highly recommended

I have used this VTX for a few months and had no problems at all. The U.fl-SMA pigtail has broken a few times for me, so i recommend using a U.fl antenna with this rather then using an SMA pigtail. This VTX is also quite heat resistant and i feel comfortable leaving it for a few minutes at a race event.

Armattan Rooster 5" Frame
CqldFyre - Tristan Scheffers
Highly recommended

This frame is real durable and can take a beating! Have been flying this for 6 months and loved it. Only downside is the arms take up a lot of space inside the body. Highly reccomended