What Are Drone Goggles (And Why Do I Need Them?)

What Are Drone Goggles (And Why Do I Need Them?)

Have you ever wanted to soar over the world and see it with a real bird's-eye view? Not through the window of an aeroplane, but the real deal.

Flying a drone or UAV with a camera comes close and can help you capture some truly spectacular views. If you want an immersive experience, though, the only way to get it is through drone goggles.

What are drone goggles, and how do you use them? Read on to find out about this fantastic piece of tech you never knew you needed.

What Are Drone Goggles?

Drone goggles look and feel somewhat like virtual reality goggles. Instead of using computer-generated images, though, FPV drone goggles use live-feed camera technology to let you see exactly what your drone sees, in real-time. It's an immersive flying experience that makes you feel like you're really in the air.

Some goggles also use augmented reality to layer an in-flight navigational interface over the live video feed. This interface is known as an On-Screen Display (OSD) and can keep you informed on data like battery life, speed and direction, and your flight time.

There's a wide range of drone goggles to choose from depending on your budget and priorities. They vary in size, performance, video clarity and focus, and extra features. Some offer HD video, others let you record what you're seeing, and others still let you connect your drone to a computer flight simulator.

Since having a first-person view of the action is so exhilarating, drone goggles are especially popular in the racing community.

How to Link an FPV Drone to Goggles

Figuring out how to connect FPV goggles to a drone is as simple as making sure you have all the required equipment. Aside from the goggles and the drone flight components, you'll also need:

  • an FPV camera attached to the drone frame
  • a video transmitter (VTX)
  • an FPV antenna
  • a video receiver on the goggles
  • an action camera (optional)

You can either add these components to a ready-to-fly drone or install them in your own build. Once they're all hooked up, take time to practice using your drone with the goggles before you fly it in an unfamiliar environment.

When Is It Legal to Fly a Drone With FPV Goggles?

Even if you already know how to fly a drone without goggles in accordance with the law, you'll need to check back with the rules before flying FPV. In Australia, drones must always stay within your line of sight if you're flying outdoors to prevent accidents. This means you'll need to get CASA approval to connect the goggles to your drone view.

If you're flying indoors, though, these rules no longer apply. You can race FPV drones inside your own home or an approved club building without applying for approval.

Laws regarding drones vary based on where you live, so it's always best to check the regulations in your area before flying a drone with goggles.

Are You Ready to Experience Drones in FPV?

If you're ready to enter the exciting world of FPV flight, Custom Quads has you covered. We carry some of the best drone equipment on the market along with resources to help you learn how to use it. Check out our beginners' FPV drone goggles guide to get started today.

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