ISDT Q6 Nano BattGo 200W 8A 1-6S Smart Charger

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he ISDT Q6 Nano 200W 8A 1-6s Balance Charger is a fantastic compact charger. Unlike ToolkitRC it comes pre-calibrated, and it has a few more features than its Q6 brother like DC power and Destroy. Overall with its good durability it's easily one of the best budget chargers on the market.


  • 200W High Power
  • Max 8A Charging Current
  • Support 2-6S Lipo Battery
  • Support BattGo


    • Input Voltage: DC 10-30V
    • Max Input Current: 9A
    • Ouput Voltage: DC 1-30V
    • Charge Current: 0.1A-8.0A
    • Discharge Current: 0.1A-1.0A
    • Max Charge Capacity: 200W
    • Max Discharge Capacity: 10W
    • Balance Current: 0.5A/Cell Max
    • Balance Cells: 2-6S
    • Color: Green/White/Yellow
    • Support Battery: LiFe,Lion,LiPo,LiHV:1-6S
    • Pb: 1-12S
    • NiMH: 1-16S
    • Display: 1.5" 240X240 IPS LCD
    • Size: 72x72x32mm
    • Weight: 120g


    • 1x  ISDT Q6 Nano BattGo 200W 8A 1-6S Smart Charger