Pyrodrone XT60 Pyro-LED 4-6S

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If you're looking for a simple solution to add LEDs to your drone look no further!
No wires no mess, just direct solder to your XT60 connector and you're good to go.
Available in 5 colors and 2 variants (LED Only and LED with capacitor slots)

Remember to pick up our Clear XT60 connectors to make them glow with these leds!


  • Super lightweight
  • Easy and Clean to install
  • No additional wires needed
  • 4 to 6S power (Brighter as cell numbers go up but 4S is already pretty bright)



  • 1x Pyrodrone XT60 Pyro-LED 4-6S

Notes: We have found the purple color to be significantly weaker than the rest of the colors to where we didn't even feel good listing them, but if you are really looking for purple you can give them a try.