Speedy Bee F4 AIO Flight Controller V2.0

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The SpeedyBee F4 AIO Flight Controller is one of the first flight controllers ever to have Bluetooth functionality built-in. This game-changing feature allows you to configure and tune your Betaflight settings right from your phone via the SpeedyBee App! Other features include a built-in LC filter to clean up your video image, as well as an integrated PDB to power some external devices.


    • MCU: STM32F405
    • IMU: MPU6000
    • OSD: BetaFlight OSD w/ AT7456E chip
    • BLE Module: Inner connect to UART5 for remote setting with Speedy Bee App or other similar apps
    • BlackBox: 16MB onboard dataflash
    • Current Sensor: 200A(Scale 302)
    • Power input: 3s - 6s Lipo
    • Power output: 4.5V * 1 , 3.3V * 1, 5V * 3 , 9V * 1
    • Cam And VTX power output: Built-in LC-Filter for 5V and 9V
    • ESC power output: 4 * VCC output
    • UART: UART Pads * 3(UART1, UART3, UART4)
    • UART2 for Receiver: Built in inverter of RX2 for SBUS input through SBUS pad, RX2 pad used for PPM, DSM2, DSMX, IBUS
    • RSSI input: RSSI input solder pad
    • I2C: Used for external GPS, Barometer module
    • Buzzer: Buz- and 5V pad used for 5V Buzzer
    • ESC signal: s1 - s7
    • LED pin: Used for WS2812 LED
    • Boot button: Used to easy enter DFU mode
    • Weight: ≈8.8g
    • Dimension: 36*39*7mm


        • 1x Speedy Bee F4 AIO Flight controller
        • 6x M3*3+3 Nylon column
        • 6x M3 Nylon nut
        • 6x M3 Anti-vibration Gasket
        • 1x Rubycon 35V 470uf capacitor
        • 1x Manual