Spedix GS35 35A, 2-4S, BlHeli_32 4in1

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Spedix has brought the latest in ESC technology to it's 4-in-1! The GS35 4-1 ESC is a 4 in 1 version of its GS35 ESC series. Capable of the extremely quick DShot 1200 protocol, the GS35 is, technically speaking, the best performing 4 in 1 ESC on the market (along with anything else DShot 1200 capable). You don't want to miss this awesome Spedix ESC.


  • Firmware: BLHeli 32 bit
  • Input: 2-4 Cell LiPo
  • Cont./Burest Current: 35A/45A≥10S
  • Size:37x41x5 mm
  • Weight:11.8 g (including cables)
  • Current detection supported


  • 1x Spedix GS35 4 in 1 ESC