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From the deep pits of Hell the Revenant was birthed, able to morph from its larvae size of 5 inches then into adulthood of 8 inches. Despite its size the Revenant hunts much larger prey with excellent lethality using its 4 razor sharp claws, demonic vision and with the aid of its Satan horn communicates with Lucifer himself.

We have poured our heart and souls into this weapon of a frame and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have. The frame was designed by Rising Sun FPV. The Revenant frames are produced by CNC madness in Canada. The 3D printed parts have been designed by a local artist CorzaAll 3D printing is done by Rising Sun 3D in a range of colours. 


  • 146g WITH hardware and TPU
  • *Multiple TPU colours*
  • 5mm carbon arms
  • Machined carbon plate to prevent arm wiggle
  • Arms can be easily removed with only 2 screws
  • Roll cage to protect electronics
  • Allows for 20x20 or 30x30 stacks
  • Stack clearance 23.5mm
  • Up to 85+ degrees of tilt
  • SMA plate (Shane Plate)
  • 16mmx16mm - 19mmx19mm motor mounting pattern
  • 19mm camera spacing
  • 3mm top and bottom plate
  • Unique Satan horn
  • Fly with pod on or off


  • 1x Pod
  • 1x Satan Horn
  • 1x Immortal T Holder also fits TBS Tracer
  • 4x Motor end protectors for arms

Hardware Kit

  • M3 6mm X 12 (Roll Cage mounting)
  • M3 8mm X 4 (Poly Carbonate mounting)
  • M3 14mm X 8 (Arm mounting)
  • M3 22mm X 4 (Stack)
  • M3 Threaded stand off X 5 (Cage) 
  • M3 Locknut X 4 (Stack)
  • M3 Pressnut X 12  (Preinstalled on top plate)

Notes: Sold Separately 

  • Lipo Pad
  • Gopro Mounts for Session/Runcam, Hero 7, Hero 8, Hero 9
  • Spare Carbon Parts and Hardware
  • Spare TPU