RSFPV Big Fu*kin WEDGE (BFW) X-CLASS Frame W/3D Printed Kit

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We have poured our heart and souls into this weapon of a frame and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have. The frame was designed by myself on paper and Stand in quad designs produced the magic DXF files. The BFW frames are produced by CNC madness in canada. The 3D printed parts have been designed by a local artist Corza  All 3D printing is done in house in a range of colours. Arms are custom spray painted to make them look like they have scales which is also done in house.


  • Innovative motor mounting system
  • High spectator visibility with multiple colours for the BFW TPU KITS
  • Arm material: Aluminium 25mm tall x 25mm wide x 1.6mm thick
  • Bottom mount Lipo system
  • Lipo Plate designed for 4s/6s/8s/12s/14s
  • Electronics mounted in a roll cage system
  • Xclass frame size: 888mm Motor to Motor
  • Top plate: 4mm
  • Bottom plate: 3mm
  • Lipo Plate: 2mm
  • Quad Prop size: 13 inch recommended
  • Frame type: Streched X
  • FPV camera angle range: 0 - 85 degrees
  • Quad motor mounting: M4 screws with 30x30 mounting holes
  • Lipos supported: 4s - 14s
  • Fastener material: High strength steel
  • Fastener color: Black
  • Supported FPV Cameras: Any full sized "HS1177" style FPV camera W/ mounting bracket. Mini or micro cameras will fit but you must use an adapter.
  • Supported FC: Standard 30.5mm x 30.5mm mounting
  • Supported VTX Size: Everything
  • Supported FPV Antenna: Everything
  • Supported receiver: Everything
  • Suggested ESC: Advanced Power Drives
  • Supported PDB: Standard 30.5mm x 30.5mm mounting
  • HD camera mount options: Session or Gopro Hero
  • HD camera mount angle range: 50 degrees
  • ESC Mounts designed for Advanced power drives escs (200amp/120amp/80amp)
  • Through arm motor mounting system no more worrying about clamps
  • Best looking frame on the market
  • Stand alone pod insert (Crossfire and SMA antenna)
  • Fastest Arm removal system on the market with the use of MT60 connectors
  • Designed by Stand in Quad Designs
  • Innovative ESC Mounting
  • 567g - Xclass carbon and hardware (888mm)
  • 576g - Xclass arms


Frame and Hardware 

  • 1 x CF Top plate
  • 1 x CF Bottom Plate
  • 1 x CF Lipo Blate
  • 6 x CF Lipo plate spacers
  • 2 x CF Roll cage plates
  • 4 x CF TOP motor mounting plates
  • 4 x CF Middle motor mounting plates
  • 4 x CF Bottom motor mounting plates
  • 16 x 25mm Standoff
  • 9 x 28mm Standoff
  • 6 x 10mm M3 Screws
  • 14 x 12mm M3 Screws
  • 32 x 14mm M3 Screws
  • 4 x 20mm M3 Screws
  • 16 x 8mm M4 Screws
  • 24 x 35mm M4 Screws
  • 4 x Aluminium Tube 25mm tall x 25mm wide x 1.6mm thick

3D Printed Kit

  • 4 x Arm Clip
  • 1 x BFW Pod
  • 4 x ESC Holder
  • 4 X Wire guard
  • 1 x Pod Cap