Pyrodrone PYRO32F3-45AMP V2 4IN1 F3 32BIT BLHELI ESC

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  • 32bit ESC with BLHELI32 firmware
  • Supports 3-6S lipo input
  • PWM input, TLM supported
  • Voltage output (VBAT)
  • NO BEC
  • Supports oneshot / Multishot / Dshot PWM
  • Mounting holes 30.5x30.5mm
  • Supports damped light
  • F3 MCU, runs twice faster than F051
  • Extra Cap needed for high current or 6s usage
  • Aluminum heatsink
  • LC FilterCATIONS:



  • 1 x PYRO32F3-45AV2 4in1 F3 32bit BLHELI ESC 4x45A
  • 4 x Soft mount grommets
  • 1 x Wire Harness (Plug N Play with Pyrodrone F4 OSD)
  • 1 x 10cm 16AWG silicone wires
  • 1 x XT60H Connector
  • 2 x 35V 680uF Capacitors (Recommended for 6S setups)
  • 1 x Manual

Notes: Remember to set your Amperage scale to 150 in Betaflight to get accurate Amp readings


  • New layout to make room for the heatsink
  • Integrated LC FILTER for lower noise
  • More caps