HotRC 150A High Precision RC Watt Meter Power Analyzer

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HTRC 150A High Precision RC Watt Meter and Power Analyzer

Measures energy (Wh), charge (Ah), power (W), current (A) and voltage (V) for any rechargeable battery pack from 4 - 60V, including NiCd, NiMH , and SLA, and Li-Ion battery packs

Simple to connect: Connect 'SOURCE' Red wire to positive(+) and Black to Negative of battery or any DC electricity source. Similarly, 'LOAD' wires should be connected to any DC electricity based load Use for RC cars & planes fine-tuning for great performance.


  • Evaluate R/C battery charging efficiency. Measure power and energy consumption of any battery powered device
  • Predict model airplane flight time
  • Choose the best propeller/most efficient motor
  • Check for wiring and connector power loss
  • Ensure peak currents are safe for motor, ESC & Battery as well as wiring and connectors


  • Specification: 0-150A,
  • Resolution: resolution 0.01A; 6.5v-60V, resolution 0.01V; 0-6554W, resolution 0.1W; 0-65Ah, resolution 0.001Ah; 0-6554Wh, resolution 0.1Wh. 16 x 2, backlit LCD display.
  • Size: 85 x 42 x 25mm
  • Material: Plastic & Electronics
  • Color: Black Net Weight: 85g 


  • 1x 150A Watt Meter and Power Analyzer
  • 1x Manual