Furious True-D V3.5 Diversity Receiver Firmware V3.7 - Clarity Redefined

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The Furious TRUE-D V3.7 is an evolution of the most popular diversity system on the market today.

With the V3.7, we've refined the TRUE-D, offering an unrivaled system that is designed to optimize your FatShark experience like no other receiver system available today.
Incorporating a new firmware that is easier to use and more powerful than ever, the Furious FPV TRUED V3.7 utilizes an all new USB port for easy firmware updates, making new firmware installations painless, simple and to the point. It also adds additional modules to help dissipate heat, the V3.7 also integrates a built-in low voltage buzzer, providing pilots with a crucial warning when power gets low.

This new design also allows us to take advantage of built-in FatShark hardware, offering on/off capabilities with the FatShark goggles buttons.

With all new V3.7 capabilities, you are moments away from the very best FPV upgrade available today, providing epic levels of FPV clarity that must be seen to believe.



  • True Diversity System Functionality
  • Smooth Switch Video Switching Technology
  • Race Band channel ready
  • Multiple Channel Modes - Auto, Manual & Working Modes
  • Ultra compact
  • Built-in easy view OLED Screen for the Ultimate in Setup Ease
  • Ergonomic new plastic injection cover & robust 3 button built-in
  • Single press button via FatShark Goggles or TRUE-D system
  • New Algorithm allows smoother and more accurate RSSI reading for better antenna switching
  • Built-in Low Power Buzzer
  • New menu layout with icons for a better user interface.
  • Designed for better compatibility with Fatshark DVR
  • Additional Timeout feature
  • C-Band is changed to R-Band to be in sync with standard league frequencies tables
  • Separate modules to decrease thermal loading
  • New micro USB type B Port for easy firmware updates
  • Better protection mechanic to protect the OLED screen in transportation
  • New locking system between True-D boards and cover to prevent short



  • SMA Style: SMA Jack Connector / Female
  • Working Frequency: 5.8GHz
  • Input power: 5V
  • Number of Channels: 48 Channels



  • FatShark Dominator V1, V2 & V3 goggles
  • Fatshark HD V1, V2 & V3 goggles
  • Fatshark Attitude V3, V4 – Designed difference cover for Attitude goggles - Order True D 3.7 with cover at here
  • Order Cover for Fatshark Attitude at here:
  • Red LED signal is activated when the True-D module using antenna B
  • Blue LED signal is activated when the True-D module using antenna A
  • Green LED status is activated when making selections with the True-D module
  • USB port is built-in for firmware and logo updates with the integrated FTDI
  • Up and Down buttons are utilized to move the selection cursor in the desired direction for menu navigation 
  • Select button confirms the highlighted selection
  • SMA antenna female compatible with many popular antennas



  • 1 x True-D V3.5 Diversity Receiver System Firmware 3.7 module
  • 1 x Dominator cover (pre-installed)
  • 1 x 45 degree SMA connector
  • 1 x 90 degree SMA connector



FURIOUSFPV Diversity Receiver True-D V3.7



Video how to update firmware True-D V3.6 on Windows