T-Motor F60 PROIV Motor 1950KV/2550KV

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The F60 Pro IV continues the lineage of great FPV racing motors by T-Motor. The Pro IV provides more thrust and increased durability compared to its predecessor.

Equipped with high-temperature silver-core windings able to withstand up to 97C, after 100% throttle running 1 min. The overall stability of the motor has been enhanced. The threading has also been strengthened to prevent stripping or fracturing of the motor shaft. 

Each Pro IV motor is supplied with high-quality EZO bearings for maximum performance and lifespan. The new bell design looks amazing, while also providing the same non-slip propeller grip like the Pro II

T-Motor F60 PROIV Motor 1950KV/2550KV features


Product Drawing, Test Report and contents


  • 1x T-Motor F60 PROIV Motor of selected choice
  • 1 x Prop Locknut
  • 4 x Socket Head Screws
  • 1 x Shaft Screw