Matek F405-CTR AIO Flight Controller

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The Matek sys F405-CTR flight controller has all the features of the original F405-OSD but now with the addition of a BMP280 barometer. The high-speed 168MHz 32bit F405 processor with BetaFlight firmware, OSD and BMP280 barometer gives this flight controller the power to easily control your drone.

It also has a blackbox to help you fine tune or to help determine what went wrong with any mishap. The OSD provides detailed information on battery voltage and other information. Also included is a PDB with an onboard 5V 2A continuous BEC system with 184A current sensor. This flight controller board is lightweight (only 10g) and because it has standard 30.5 x 30.5mm mounting holes in can easily fit into any drone. 


  • MCU: 168MHz STM32F405
  • IMU: MPU6000 accelerometer / gyro (SPI)
  • Baro: BMP280 (I2C)
  • OSD: BetaFlight OSD w / AT7456E chip
  • Blackbox: MicroSD card slot (SD / SDHC)
  • Built in inverter for SBUS input (UART2-RX)
  • PPM / UART Shared: UART2-RX
  • SoftSerial on TX2, S5 or S6 optional
  • Camera control on S6 or DAC optional
  • Smartaudio & Tramp VTX protocol supported
  • WS2812 Led Strip: Yes
  • Beeper: Yes
  • RSSI: Yes
  • Inav compatible


  • Input: 6 ~ 30V (3 ~ 6S LiPo) w / TVS protection
  • PDB: 4x30A (Max.4x46A), 6 layers * 2oz copper PCB
  • BEC: 5V 2A cont. (Max.3A)
  • LDO 3.3V: Max.300mA for Spektrum RX
  • Current Sensor 184A (Scale 179)
  • Battery Voltage Sensor: 1:10 (Scale 110)
  •  3x LEDs for FC STATUS (Blue, Red) and 3.3V indicator (Red)
  • 6x PWM / DShot outputs without conflict
  • 5x UARTs
  • 1x Group of G / S1 / S2 / S3 / S4 pads for 4in1 ESC Signal / GND
  • 4x pairs of corner pads for ESC Signal / GND connections (DSHOT compatible)
  • 1x pair I2C1 pads
  • 1x Side-press button for BOOT (DFU) mode
  • 36x46mm PCB with 30.5mm mounting holes
  • 10g


  • 1x Matek F405-CTR FC
  • 1x Rubycon ZLH 35V/470uF Capacitor (Low ESR)
  • 6x silicon grommets M4 to M3
  • 1x FR4 PCB Plate 36*36*1mm