DAL Cyclone T5047C PRO POPO 3-Blade Racing Drone Propeller 12 Pieces

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DALProp has been a mainstay in the prop industry for a long time, and their Cyclone series is well known as some of the most dependable props on the market.


  • Colors: Crystal Black, Red, Crystal Turqoise, Clear Purple
  • Inner diameter: (Prop Mount) 5 mm, POPO System
  • Usage: 210+ Frame
  • 5047 Tri-Blade Cyclone, Pre-Balanced, POPO System
  • 12 Props total (6CW, 6CCW) DAL Props
Cyclone T5047C


  • 6x CW Cyclone 5047 Propellers
  • 6x CCW Cyclone 5047 Propellers